Once your account is set up you will be able to log in and manage your existing numbers or add new numbers yourself.

There are 3 ways to sign up for ACI Call Tracking services:

1- Fill out the form below.

2- Download our service agreement, fill it out and either mail or fax it to us.

3- Call us! We can do it over the phone.
For transferring local numbers, fill in and return a “Standard Letter of Agency” with a copy of your recent phone bill.

Standard Letter of Agency

For transferring local numbers, fill in and return a “Toll Free Letter of Agency” with a copy of your recent phone bill.

Toll Free Letter of Agency
ACI Sales Rep. Name (If Available):

Source Code (If Available):

Company Name:

Company Address:

Contact Name:

Work Phone:

Cell Phone:

Email Address:

Web Address:

Number of toll free tracking numbers requested:

Number to forward toll free tracking calls to:

Number of local tracking numbers requested:

Number to forward local tracking numbers to:

Zip Code for local numbers:

Customer agrees to pay monthly for services until cancelled in writing. Customer is at risk to have lines turned off if payment is 14 days past due. ACI Call Tracking may access a late charge of 1.5% per month of the past due amount. ACI may cancel, amend or adjust this agreement, including pricing, with 90 days written notice. Customer agrees that ACI’s total liability is limited to the cost of service.

Include “Letter of Agency” forms to transfer service for existing numbers:
Standard Letter of Agency
Toll Free Letter of Agency

Pricing is shown

For Bank Transfer Payments:
ACI Call Tracking will need a voided check faxed to us to complete your bank transfer. Please include your name and your company name on all checks. Please fax to 1-877-266-6172.

Bank Name:

Bank City:

Bank State:

Checking Account Number:

Bank Transit Number:

Billing Address:

Billing City:

Billing State:

Billing Zip Code:

For Credit Card Payments:

- Visa
- Master Card
- American Express

Credit Card Number:

Expiration Date:

Security Code:

By checking this box, I hereby authorize ACI to charge/draft my checking/savings account from the Financial Institution listed above. I agree that if any charge is dishonored, whether intentionally or inadvertently, ACI shall be under no liability whatsoever. This payment arrangement is effective until I notify ACI IN WRITING that I no longer want my checking account drafted. (Send a voided check from that account.)

Note: If you prefer to provide your bank or credit card information over the phone, just
give us a call!

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