Are you spending on advertising only to botch the call when it comes in? Call recording can help!

Are you losing sales due to poor communication skills by your employees? ACI Call Tracking and Call Recording is designed to allow business owners and management the ability to listen in on calls between their employees and prospective customers in order to gauge the effectiveness of each call.

Each phone call is recorded and saved* for future use. All recorded phone calls can be retrieved and reviewed to evaluate an employee's performance.

Why record your phone calls?

How call recording works:

Enroll for ACI Call Tracking service.

Request inbound or outbound call tracking phone numbers.

When calls are placed through the tracking numbers they are automatically recorded.

Log into your account. Platform 1 | Platform 2

Select the tracking numbers for which you wish to generate a report.

Click on individual calls to listen to the recorded audio* of the phone call.

Save, share or email a recorded call* as you wish.

Whatever gets tracked and measures will improve!

Was the phone call answered in a timely manner?

Was the phone call answered correctly?

Was the employee correctly representing the company and its services?

Did the employee ask for the caller's business?

If your advertising is generating the calls, and your employees mishandle those calls it still equals a terrible return on investment.

You can't afford to not have the tools to hold your advertising and your employees accountable. ACI call tracking with call recording gives you those tools and puts you in control. Even the best employees improve when performance is tracked and measured.