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Overcoming Entrepreneurial Statistics

By Jared Hess

“There is no failure. Only feedback.” Robert Allen. Financial expert and Entrepreneur.

The recovering economy is stimulated by small business growth and entrepreneurial ventures, but according to the U.S. Small Business Administration, roughly 50% of those businesses will fail within the first five years. A collaborative effort fueled by both the availability of free resources and technology, is abounding to encourage business development, overcome these statistics and regain economic stability.

The U.S. Small Business Administration, more commonly referred to as the (SBA), has been assisting, advocating and protecting the interests of small businesses because small businesses strengthen the overall economy of the United States. The SBA has stated that, “To succeed, entrepreneurs must attract and retain a growing base of satisfied customers. Marketing programs, though widely varied, are all aimed at convincing people to try out or keep using particular products or services. Business owners should carefully plan their marketing strategies and performance to keep their market presence strong.”

Every John Q. Entrepreneur and business owner has considered the costs and budget expectations of their marketing campaigns. The words: “You need to spend money to make money” now more than ever, are far more realistic than the old saying; “If you build it, they will come.” So, John Q. Entrepreneur writes out the checks for phone book advertising, mailers, billboards, radio advertising and television commercials and “they come”. Quarterly, John writes those same checks and “they come”. This Quarter, operating expenses unexpectedly increase and the advertising budget needs to be cut, the proverbial plug will be pulled on the billboards and/or radio advertising. Which is the least profitable? John Q Entrepreneur, while having utilized developmental resources available through the SBA and other organizations, could’ve made use of growth resources and the technology available through ACI Call Tracking.

In assessing the statistics of failing business the SBA recognizes and advises that; “Today’s very competitive business climate demands that business owners understand and use advanced technologies. Technology is an enabler; it can help a business improve efficiencies and even expand operations.”

By assigning the business’s advertisements its own unique phone numbers, the efficiency or productivity of each ad or marketing campaign can be assessed simply as each call is traced, tracked and recorded.

Additionally, ACI Call Tracking offers its clients Web Analytics. Clients are able to see what key words are being used when customers find their website. Detailed reports are provided as to what pages customers are seeing and how long they are staying.

Web Chatting is made simple for even the least web-savvy client’s of ACI Call Tracking. When an individual visits John Q Entrepreneur’s website, this feature will allow them to chat with one of John’s employees allowing them to ask questions and have a live interaction with his company.

Having addressed those areas 50% of other businesses neglect, John Q. Entrepreneur beats the statistics and succeeds. Through carefully assessing his marketing programs, and holding his advertising accountable, John attracted and retained a growing base of satisfied customers. He let technology enable his business, improve efficiency and expand his operations. ACI Call Tracking provided the means of overcoming the risks and statistics of entrepreneurship.

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