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ACI Call Tracking is pleased to announce the launch of Humanatic, its latest innovation in phone call analytics. Humanatic is a platform engineered to filter qualified phone leads for you with exceedingly high levels of accuracy. The service goes beyond traditional clicks and phone responses to deliver the true picture of marketing ROI by evaluating the quality of incoming calls through native-English speaking, US-based human reviewers.

Unlike other phone lead-optimization services available, Humantic is powered by live human reviewers who have the ability to pick up on the caller’s intent, the key element in qualifying a lead. Humanatic separates sales prospects from non-prospects and identifies your true cost-per-lead, as well as the number of legitimate sales opportunities generated by each advertising channel you use. The selected incoming calls are then displayed in an easily analyzable report where managers can take further action with the prospect.

Humanatic can tell you exactly which ads, campaigns and channels are driving qualified sales opportunities. The service adds scalability to any sales organization by allowing managers to spend more time with customers and prospects and less time listening to call recordings. Humanatic call reviewers are graded and ranked as part of a performance feedback loop that continuously high grades the platform’s filtering capabilities.

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