Frequently Asked Questions

Will call tracking lines work with my existing phone lines?

  • Yes; call tracking lines simply forward calls to whatever phone number you assign.

Can I recognize call tracking calls as they are received?

  • Yes; if you choose to activate the whisper feature. You will hear a whisper as you answer and before the caller is connected.

Do I need to notify callers that their calls are being recorded?

  • Federal law allows the recording of a telephone call with the consent of at least one party to the call. 12 states require the consent of all parties to record a telephone conversation.

Can I be notified if a call is missed?

  • Yes; you may activate a feature that sends you an email when a call is missed.

Can I have a toll free call tracking number?

  • Yes; you can choose from local phone numbers or toll free phone numbers (800, 866, 877, 888) nationwide.

Is call tracking easy to implement?

  • Yes, request your numbers and use them in your ads.

How long can I access my recorded calls?

  • Your recorded calls will be available to you online for 35 days free of charge! Should you require more storage time, it can be purchased for $20 per month per account. This fee will extended your recorded call storage time indefinitely.