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ACI Call Tracking Chat Feature
Live support is a form of instant messaging specifically designed to provide online assistance to users of a website. Our software enables the administrator, webmaster, or any employees of a company with a website to receive and respond to text communications from multiple users.

No matter what product or service your company provides your customers will always be your top priority. Our live chat feature can be integrated onto any website. With just a click of the mouse, your website visitors can contact your support team for live assistance. There is nothing better for your customers than instant interaction with your support team. Today’s customers are looking for quick answers and being able to be there for them instantly will give them more confidence in your ability to meet their needs.

How our live support works

· Only when an employee is logged on will visitors see the icon allowing them to chat.

· Once visitors enters the chat, a pop up appears to the employee that “a new chat visitor has arrived” even if the chat dashboard is minimized.

· Once the employee has engaged the visitor to a conversation the employee can see what the visitor is typing in order to ready their response more quickly.

· Other employees also logged on can see and assist in the conversation by chatting to you directly or entering the conversation themselves. This feature allows you to ask questions in other departments getting more information to your visitor faster.

· On busy days your employees are able to assist multiple people at the same time. You are not limited to one visitor per employee. Multiple chat sessions can be opened at once.

· The conversation doesn’t end till both the agent and visitor end the conversation.

· Once the conversation ends it is recorded online where it can be printed and stored. The visitor will also be given the opportunity to print the conversation.

· The live support software will also give you the ability to let visitors know you are either busy or away.

In order to install our software

· You will need to obtain a username and password from our account specialists. You can either call them at 1-866-400-8331 or email them at

· You will need to copy and paste this simple HTML code into your website.

· Pick a chat icon you would like to use on your site. There are currently 6 available icons to choose from.

· Click here to start chatting.
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