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Call Tracking

By Jared Hess

As companies grow and expand they have at their disposal several tools that have been created to help in their success.  One tool in particular that may not be as widely known as others is call tracking.  Call tracking technology, features, accessibility and user interface has improved dramatically over several years.

What is call tracking?  Call tracking is a system that has the ability to differentiate where calls come from.   This tool is helpful for companies to separate their individual ad campaigns allowing them to see if the ad is actually working for them.  Companies may be spending thousands of dollars on advertisements that are not contributing to their growth.  Before call tracking systems came into being companies had to rely on surveying customers in order to find where they saw their ads.  The ability to recognize and segment your calls or prospects has many other advantages also.  Companies may choose to answer their calls differently, quote different prices, or even answer multiple types of calls on the same line. 

There are several businesses out there that can help a company with this process.  Among them are Who’s Calling, Call Source, Telemetrics, Estara, Voice Star, If By Phone, and Call Bright just to name a few.  There is a new player to the field who is boasting that while they weren’t the first they took their time to be the best.  That company is ACI Call Tracking. 

Call tracking companies for the most part will offer many of the same services and features and will charge differently for it.  What stands ACI Call Tracking apart is their desire to hand over the keys and have you use their system the way that best meets your needs.  They have combined inbound and outbound call tracking with web analytics giving you a complete array of services.  Create your own phone numbers, customize your own reports, and manage your business the way you want it to be, putting you in total control.  ACI Call Tracking has created their system to give you the information you need while being incredibly user friendly.  ACI Call Tracking is equally innovative for being easy to do business with.  ACI Call Tracking does not require a long term contract, has no set up charge and no account minimums.  

Simplicity is a feature all businesses look for when applying new technology.  One company had this to report about ACI Call Tracking.  “I’ve owned my own business for over 25 years.  I started out writing everything down and using typewriters, keeping records in binders.  As technology improved I’ve had to upgrade but still preferred the comfort of my old typewriter.  Needless to say I’m not the most technological savvy person out there.  I knew my company needed ACI Call Tracking and what they had to offer but I was shying away from having to learn to use yet another computer system.  I was put at ease very quickly when learned how easy it was to use.  It was very easy for me to get the information I needed.  It was right there in front of me and all I had to do was click a button.”  Dave J., Business owner 27 years. 

As you look around for tools to help your company call tracking is a service that can give you valuable information and save you money.  If your business engages and communicates with customers and prospects by phone, I recommend you investigate call tracking services.

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