Worst ad worst risk

What does E*Trade, Direct TV, Stanely Steemer and Free Credit Report.com have in common? No, no one is offering Direct TV subscribers O.A.C. online stock certificates in Stanely Steemer Inc.   In 2009 their commercials were voted to be the worst ads on television. Not a desirous achievement considering each ad came with a price tag in the millions. Who remembers seeing these ads? The talking babies of E*Trade, or Direct TV’s Chris Farley commercial? Nope sorry doesn’t ring a bell.   Can these companies account for the effectiveness of their terrible marketing campaign?

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Mom and Pop Stores

The money and effort spent by Big box stores pollutes the community with deafening ad campaigns. How can local businesses be heard?

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Trial Period

I need an honest opinion from any and all readers of this blog.  I’ve had a few people ask me if they could have a month free so they can test it and see how the system works and go from there.  A trial period so to speak.

With call tracking there is an inherent problem with a trial period.  All of our clients to date use these tracking numbers in advertisements.  The VAST majority of ads will have a life beyond one month.  So the issue is you will try a system for a month and pay for an ad that will have the number for longer than a month.  Now granted if you don’t continue using our services you can port the number to a new carrier but there is risk of the number being down.

So the question is this.  With the inherent risk would you still prefer the option of a trial period?

Your opinions matter and I appreciate your feedback.

Call Tracking

As we pass our one year mark of providing  services to help companies maximize their marketing potential, we have hope for the future and see ways we would like to improve.  Call tracking is designed to track where the business is coming from for companies.  It helps answer this basic question, “Are my marketing ads effective?”  I would like to pose this question as we shape our future, what can we do as a call tracking company that you, the business owner, would like to see us improve or add to the list of features we currently have?

Your feedback is appreciative.