Call Tracking Success

I’ve been using call tracking numbers for a few years now to track my advertising results. Like anything there is a learning curve of course, and also with practice and experience we get better with something over time. This is true with call tracking also. The first couple of years I would remember to log onto my call tracking account every once in awhile. Now even if I get behind, I will eventually get caught up before I meet with my advertising reps to renew my advertising. These reps are familiar with call tracking numbers and would like to equate calls generated with advertising success. Well one does not equal the other. Before I meet with my rep I want to go through my call tracking to identify every call; whether it was a sales call, a wrong number, a hang up, a repeat call or a lead. Leads are what counts, everything else is filler. I recently met with my Dex rep, which is the main book in our area. Well because it is the main book, a lot of sales people use it as their prospecting list source. “They bought advertising from Dex, they are a good prospect for my advertising product.” I have several different call tracking numbers in this book for our different adds. All of the call tracking numbers had a large number of sales calls. One of the numbers;  65% of the calls were sales calls or solicitations. By the time I added in the wrong numbers, hang ups, and repeat callers only 8% percent of the total calls were actual leads. Calls do not equal leads, and it requires call tracking to know the difference. And this type of knowledge is golden, it’s empowering. I was in the drivers seat. I got the advertising package I wanted at my price, not the price they had in mind. I know what my exact cost per lead was, and this next year we will use call tracking to measure our results again. No guessing, just tracking and measuring. In this book alone I will save $4800 over the next year, from the amount the phone book company wanted me to renew at. In this case knowledge was power, and thank you call tracking for the tool to give me the knowledge.

The Benefits of Call Tracking!  All companies need to make sure that they’re advertising in order to get the company’s name out there and secure new customers. Marketing however is one area where a lot of businesses end up losing a lot of money. That being said, how do businesses advertise without losing a lot of money? An advertisement that brings in lots of business will probably give a positive rate of return. Advertisements that produce little or no business will probably loose money. The challenge is knowing the results of each campaign. That can be done with the help of company that offers Call Tracking services! What is Call Tracking? It’s basically the idea of replacing the phone number on a company’s website, or other advertisement with a call tracking number. Sometimes a business may benefit from using a lot of different numbers. For example, using different numbers on different types of advertisements, such as using one number when advertising on one site and another when advertising on a different site, can greatly help a business figure out which advertisements are working and which aren’t by simply looking at what numbers people are using to call!One of the main benefits that Advertisement Tracking provides is the ability to save money. As already stated, companies waste a lot of money on advertising each and every year by advertising in places where they aren’t reaching out to customers. That being said, when a company tracks its calls and knows where they’re coming from and where they’re not coming from they can figure out where advertising should continue and where it shouldn’t. Sure, it does cost a little bit of money for this service, however, it more than pays for itself in the long run.There are all sorts of other benefits that Call Tracking Phone Numbers provides companies. For example, companies can track trends in the market, listen to call recordings in order to make sure that the service customers receive is adequate, notifications of missed calls can be emailed and making sure that there aren’t any staffing problems are some of the other benefits that this type of service provides companies. So, all companies should begin tracking phone numbers in order to save money and have a better run business in the end!



Call Tracking Empowers Business

In today’s business world, call tracking is an amazing tool and those who still haven’t discovered it don’t know what they’re missing. Call tracking is the basic tool which large corporations use to find out whether their marketing and advertisement strategies are going on the right track or not. It enables people to find out whether they are making an impact.

Snooping Around!

In fact call tracking is nothing but a method of advertisement tracking – it enables us to find out whether a certain approach is working with the target customer base or not. It is therefore a method which allows your agents to enhance your customer’s satisfaction each time they call. And we all know that the greater the satisfaction your customer derives from your product, the more likely they are to stay a customer.

On the other hand, if there is something decidedly wrong about your marketing approach or your advertisement strategy, call tracking allows you to track that as well. If, suddenly you don’t know why you’re losing clients, then you should definitely have a call tracking system installed in your office. You’ll be surprised at how easily you can find the answers to that problem.

What We Can Learn

There are many things you can learn from call tracking. For example, in many cases, it was found that potential clients were being kept on hold for long periods of time and as a result they got annoyed and rung off. This in turn had a bad effect on your business. In other cases, you find out that some clients were actually hung up on and even worse, some were directed to voicemail during peak business hours!

So tracking phone numbers enables you to find out which of your employees has been shirking his or her work and you can suitably penalize them. You could also teach them the basics of etiquette and how to deal with clients and chances are, they’ll heed your warning and buck up!

Ad tracking is just one of the benefits you can derive from the wonder that is call tracking. You can track inbound phone calls in response to both forms of marketing – online as well as traditional. So if you want to draw a parallel between the telephone and the internet, you can see that call tracking is to the world of telephones, what Web analytics is to the internet.

How It Works

So how does this unique system work? It is simple. A phone number is put in any advertisement vehicle. When customers call on the number data such as the time, geographical location of the caller, lead and of course, the final outcome of the call is tracked down. This makes call tracking a very easily implementable strategy and the best part is, it is entirely affordable.

Another thing one can do with this amazing tool is record calls and enhance the entire user experience by training employees to better deal with callers. Everyone’s heard the line “this call may be recorded for training purposes”- so now you know why they sing that to you! So call tracking is an incredible too, start discovering its benefits today!

Worst ad worst risk

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Dollar on a Dream

There are those who seek opportunity, they consider themselves strategist. Analyzing  their market for the most profitable prospect. Coffee Shop? Dry Cleaner? Franchise? Other’s save and carefully plan. They have a dream, a special idea, a someday. When that “Some Day” turns into a real business plan and action, it’s like getting on a roller coaster. You know you’re going for a ride. You stand in line with a light feeling in your chest, your heart is racing. You watch others on the ride, some are laughing and having a wonderful time, others are sick and pale, getting off the ride and headed for the nearest garbage can. The light feeling turns into butterflies. Excitement, anticipation and fear. What’s at cost? What is the cost?


New Commercial

This week we will be adding a new commercial to the website.  We will be posting this around in a lot of places and we here at ACI Call Tracking are pleased with how it turned out.

Thank you Scott Adams for this marketing comic.

Trial Period

I need an honest opinion from any and all readers of this blog.  I’ve had a few people ask me if they could have a month free so they can test it and see how the system works and go from there.  A trial period so to speak.

With call tracking there is an inherent problem with a trial period.  All of our clients to date use these tracking numbers in advertisements.  The VAST majority of ads will have a life beyond one month.  So the issue is you will try a system for a month and pay for an ad that will have the number for longer than a month.  Now granted if you don’t continue using our services you can port the number to a new carrier but there is risk of the number being down.

So the question is this.  With the inherent risk would you still prefer the option of a trial period?

Your opinions matter and I appreciate your feedback.


The NFIB is the National Federation of Independent Business and we have the great pleasure of being considered one of it’s members.  For over a month now I’ve been calling and finding the right person to speak to in order to become part of it’s member services.  Member services is a great way for businesses to look and see what resources are out there to help a business succeed.

There are many avenues to allow people to see who and what you do.  I would like to get out there as much as possible.  We are growing and helping companies become successful.  We had one client that is scheduled to renew his adds with some marketing campaigns he is involved in and he is excited to see how they are doing to give the salesman the reports and justify why or why not they will be renewing. Our call tracking service has empowered him with the information he needs to make informed and profitable decisions.

It’s been a good year and I appreciate all the supporters out there.