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Marketing Representation

Search engines and the world wide web have instilled confidence in browsers. Where there is a “What Is..” or “How To..” there is Google. It was not that long ago that photo developing required a photo developer, career counseling required a career counselor and advertising required firm representation. While no one reaches for the phone book anymore, specific needs, expensive needs, potentially risky needs, require specific expertise.

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ACI Call Tracking has now breached the barrier of working only nationally.  In the last few months we have been able to finalize Canadian relations to link into their telephony system.  Soon after we had the pleasure of setting up some of our first customers in Canada.  We have been please to see the system working and providing these services to those who genuinely want and need it.  For those of you who would like to try this please contact our sales team at and see for yourself how this can help save your business money by allocating funds to the ads that work.

New Commerical

We have finished a new commercial and have posted it on youtube.  We have also placed it on our website.  Please let us know if it makes sense and gives you the information you need to learn about call tracking.

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New Commercial

This week we will be adding a new commercial to the website.  We will be posting this around in a lot of places and we here at ACI Call Tracking are pleased with how it turned out.

Thank you Scott Adams for this marketing comic.

I had the pleasure of talking to a potential customer today and we got talking about whether or not to use our services.  They have been bidding us out with other companies and in the end we didn’t come out to be the cheapest.  We are close but there are some companies who are cheaper.  We are not the most expensive.  The question was brought up why should they choose us when there are cheaper solutions out there.  I paused in the question and asked in return “are you the cheapest in your industry”?  The answer came back as a no they aren’t.  Their focuse is on customer service and that does not allow them to be the cheapest. 

This understanding lead the conversation in a new direction and I hope that soon we can start helping them.  In chosing someone to do business with I hope that price is not the only reason behind choices.  When you chose ACI Call Tracking you will find a company who is more willing to work with you and make sure that you and your needs are met.  A dedicated account manager, technical support, a company who will listen and accomodate your suggestions…. our goal is to help and support you. 

you can email our support team at any time at and have your answers met.  call and leave a mesasge with Jared and he will get back to you.  Let us show you what we can do.

Call Tracking

As we pass our one year mark of providing  services to help companies maximize their marketing potential, we have hope for the future and see ways we would like to improve.  Call tracking is designed to track where the business is coming from for companies.  It helps answer this basic question, “Are my marketing ads effective?”  I would like to pose this question as we shape our future, what can we do as a call tracking company that you, the business owner, would like to see us improve or add to the list of features we currently have?

Your feedback is appreciative.

Corporate Management, Human Resources, Employment Law, Contract Negotiations, Marketing, Accounting International Business Management and Business Ethics, to name a few, are among the mandatory courses taken in the hopes that a degree, albeit a simple piece of paper, will guarantee the success of the entrepreneurial endeavors pursued following it’s bestowment. What is reiterated by professors, mentors and protege experiences, is that there are three pillars of successful business development and ownership, customer service, cost and quality and only two of the three are achievable. Realistically, pursuing all three will lead to deterioration and failure.

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A generation ago, business owners had few venues for marketing campaigns, radio, print and television. Advertising costs have risen significantly and technology has provided the means for consumers to skip television commercials, MP3’s, IPODS and Streaming Music has depleted the number or radio listeners. Newspaper and magazine subscriptions have likewise suffered. Advertising opportunities are more wide spread than ever and could be a secure investment, or a gamble.

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What can $20 get for your business?

What can $20 get for your business? Jared Hess tells us what $20 can get you with ACI Call Tracking! You might be surprised at the value you get for only $20. Check out the article…

What Can $20 Get For Your Business?

Overcoming Entrepreneurial Statistics

The recovering economy is stimulated by small business growth and entrepreneurial ventures, but according to the U.S. Small Business Administration, roughly 50% of those businesses will fail within the first five years. A collaborative effort fueled by both the availability of free resources and technology, is abounding to encourage business development, overcome these statistics and regain economic stability.

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