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April Fools

Call Reporting New Feature

I have recently been asked about our reporting features.  One of the things we pride ourselves with ACI is that we listen to our customers to see what their needs are and then create a solution if one doesn’t already exist.  Our reporting feature allows you to log in and view your call details.  It has the capability to send you a detailed report at the end of every day, every week, two weeks, twice a month or at the end of every month.  This report is emailed to you or to a group of email addresses.  One client stated that he needed to be alerted when a call was completed.  The owner is out in the field so often that he can’t log in to see how his advertising is working.  We were able to then create a new feature that will send him an email notification of the call, the caller information, and allow him to listen to it.  This will also allow him to see how his staff is performing as he is out in the field.  This feature, like so many of our other features, is available for all our clients with no additional cost.