Call Tracking Helps Businesses Grow

What’s so great about call tracking? Why is everyone installing it in their marketing offices and call centers these days? Well, to cut a long story short, call tracking helps you determine a great many things about your marketing strategy – whether it is working, whether your customers like your product and whether your employees are handling things the way they should.

Call tracking is therefore something absolutely essential if you want to keep track of your customer response. This is an amazing tool which enables your training team to train your customer executives to deal with your prospective clients the best way they should. It enables them to enhance the call satisfaction that clients get – the overall experience is therefore pleasant and we all know the importance of that.

Surviving With Call Tracking

One of the biggest advantages of call tracking is the fact that it has a very large return on investment. You can find out when prospective customers call after hours or if they hang up before their call is answered. This last indicates that they are hesitant to try out your product or service but have had a thought or two about it, so why let this lead get away?

You can choose the option of tracking phone numbers which will enable you to call your client back and convince them to buy your product with ably skilled call center executives! You will be surprised at just how much of money this simple thing can generate. What is more worrying, you can also think of how much of money you were losing when you failed to track down these leads!

The efficiency of advertising online can be measured really well because there exists a well established system for doing so. You can trace it down right to the impact that the keywords are having on your customers! Now with call tracking, you can assign unique phone numbers to various Search Engine marketing campaigns!

This is very vital to Ad tracking. You may not even know it, but you might be getting calls for your advertising efforts in different search engines already, but you might not be getting the credit you deserve for it!

Now this is a golden opportunity for marketers to re establish their importance. They can show people just how invaluable they are with figures and numbers which they gather from their ad tracking data. Call tracking is therefore not just useful for getting customers; it is also useful for your business as well!

Business Intelligence

Advertisement tracking and market research becomes simple. In fact a lot of smart marketers are not paying for market research because they know they can get it all for free from their customers!

A lot of these calls can tell you about preferences of customers which you can incorporate into your services and products. You can thus cater to a wide range of tastes. In other words, this is a great opportunity for providing business intelligence! So look at call tracking as something more than a statistic, see all its benefits and versatile uses!

International Toll Free numbers

International toll free numbers and important to many of our clients.  This is an ongoing process to find carriers on an international level to supply us these numbers.  To date ACI call tracking only has the capabilities of having toll free numbers for the United States and Canada.  We are currently trying to open the market for the UK and Mexico, with more to come later.

Toll Free Numbers

At ACI we are able to provision local numbers and Toll Free numbers.  The toll free numbers we use have been free of an owner for a minimum of 6 months.  We do this so that the previous owner of the number’s clients don’t call looking for them.  Occasionally we will provision a number that has a flyer or a booklet out there and our clients will get calls looking for different businesses.  We are able to place recordings if this happens to minimize calls that are asking for the wrong company.  This will also help with the reporting feature to make sure that you are getting legitimate calls reporting.

Minute Plans for Call Tracking

I have had many individuals call and ask if we are able to do bulk rates for minutes.  Our billing structure for ACI Call Tracking has the ability to custom each client with their own billing structure.  For some it will be better to pay a per minute rate.  For other it will be better to buy a plan.  We have even created unlimited minutes plans for some customers.  All it takes is for us to know the average minute use and we can tailor the plans accordingly.

We are always happy to work with our clients.



App for chat

I have been asked by a few customers if our chat feature will be available for an app in an iphone.  I have been working with development and we have concluded after a month investigation on the requirements to make this happen, that we will have to wait for now.  any phone that has an internet connection can log into their chat account and chat from their phone.  Until we have more individuals asking for this to be a application for their phone, it will remain as it is for now.

April Fools

Call Reporting New Feature

I have recently been asked about our reporting features.  One of the things we pride ourselves with ACI is that we listen to our customers to see what their needs are and then create a solution if one doesn’t already exist.  Our reporting feature allows you to log in and view your call details.  It has the capability to send you a detailed report at the end of every day, every week, two weeks, twice a month or at the end of every month.  This report is emailed to you or to a group of email addresses.  One client stated that he needed to be alerted when a call was completed.  The owner is out in the field so often that he can’t log in to see how his advertising is working.  We were able to then create a new feature that will send him an email notification of the call, the caller information, and allow him to listen to it.  This will also allow him to see how his staff is performing as he is out in the field.  This feature, like so many of our other features, is available for all our clients with no additional cost.

Call Tracking Success

I’ve been using call tracking numbers for a few years now to track my advertising results. Like anything there is a learning curve of course, and also with practice and experience we get better with something over time. This is true with call tracking also. The first couple of years I would remember to log onto my call tracking account every once in awhile. Now even if I get behind, I will eventually get caught up before I meet with my advertising reps to renew my advertising. These reps are familiar with call tracking numbers and would like to equate calls generated with advertising success. Well one does not equal the other. Before I meet with my rep I want to go through my call tracking to identify every call; whether it was a sales call, a wrong number, a hang up, a repeat call or a lead. Leads are what counts, everything else is filler. I recently met with my Dex rep, which is the main book in our area. Well because it is the main book, a lot of sales people use it as their prospecting list source. “They bought advertising from Dex, they are a good prospect for my advertising product.” I have several different call tracking numbers in this book for our different adds. All of the call tracking numbers had a large number of sales calls. One of the numbers;  65% of the calls were sales calls or solicitations. By the time I added in the wrong numbers, hang ups, and repeat callers only 8% percent of the total calls were actual leads. Calls do not equal leads, and it requires call tracking to know the difference. And this type of knowledge is golden, it’s empowering. I was in the drivers seat. I got the advertising package I wanted at my price, not the price they had in mind. I know what my exact cost per lead was, and this next year we will use call tracking to measure our results again. No guessing, just tracking and measuring. In this book alone I will save $4800 over the next year, from the amount the phone book company wanted me to renew at. In this case knowledge was power, and thank you call tracking for the tool to give me the knowledge.

Porting Numbers

I had a conversation with an individual who wanted to use call tracking numbers but we ran into an issue.  This individual has two numbers he uses for his business.  One is a land line that goes into his office and the other is his cell phone.  The land line is a number that is established into the community and this is the number he would like to use as the tracking number.  We do have the ability to port the number into our system but in doing so caused a problem.  Tracking numbers are virtual numbers that do not produce a dial tone.  They rely on the numbers they are forwarded to for the connection.  He would have needed to order a whole new number from a local provider for this business land line if we ported the number over.  While all these things are possible it just takes time.  The plan is this: we will port over his main number and forward it to his cell phone while the local carrier gets him a new number for his office.

The Benefits of Call Tracking

The Benefits of Call Tracking!  All companies need to make sure that they’re advertising in order to get the company’s name out there and secure new customers. Marketing however is one area where a lot of businesses end up losing a lot of money. That being said, how do businesses advertise without losing a lot of money? An advertisement that brings in lots of business will probably give a positive rate of return. Advertisements that produce little or no business will probably loose money. The challenge is knowing the results of each campaign. That can be done with the help of company that offers Call Tracking services! What is Call Tracking? It’s basically the idea of replacing the phone number on a company’s website, or other advertisement with a call tracking number. Sometimes a business may benefit from using a lot of different numbers. For example, using different numbers on different types of advertisements, such as using one number when advertising on one site and another when advertising on a different site, can greatly help a business figure out which advertisements are working and which aren’t by simply looking at what numbers people are using to call!One of the main benefits that Advertisement Tracking provides is the ability to save money. As already stated, companies waste a lot of money on advertising each and every year by advertising in places where they aren’t reaching out to customers. That being said, when a company tracks its calls and knows where they’re coming from and where they’re not coming from they can figure out where advertising should continue and where it shouldn’t. Sure, it does cost a little bit of money for this service, however, it more than pays for itself in the long run.There are all sorts of other benefits that Call Tracking Phone Numbers provides companies. For example, companies can track trends in the market, listen to call recordings in order to make sure that the service customers receive is adequate, notifications of missed calls can be emailed and making sure that there aren’t any staffing problems are some of the other benefits that this type of service provides companies. So, all companies should begin tracking phone numbers in order to save money and have a better run business in the end!